Lecturers of Bolgatanga Polytechnic in the Upper East Region are threatening to lay down their tools if government continues to delay in converting the institution to a technical university.

According to Emmanuel Akanpaadgi, Chairman of Bolgatanga Polytechnic branch of Technical University Teacher’s Association of Ghana (TUTAG), the delay in converting the institute to a technical university is creating anxiety among staff thereby triggering a migration of some lecturers to other public universities.

TUTAG in a statement to A1 NEWS added that enrollment of students to the institute in this academic year has dwindled drastically since its establishment.

“Currently, the institution has met all the requirements to become a technical university but government continues to delay in the conversion and that has even affected the enrollment this year.”

The chairman added that “the morale of the staff is also going down because people keep on referring to us as Polytechnic and it looks like we are not at par with our colleagues”

Whereas the association is calling on government to expedite actions to convert the institute to a technical university within the shortest possible time, they threatened to go on a strike if their plea is not heeded to.

“We are appealing to government to as soon as possible convert us in order to avoid a disruption in the academic calendar because the lecturers are aware that if they fail to effect the conversion as soon as possible they will be force to lay down their tools” Mr. Akanpaadgi threatened.

Source: A1radioonline


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