Prisident of the concerns drivers association at Akyem abuakwa north in the Eastern Region, ABENBEBOM has advised the general public as well as drivers not to blame the president for petrol prices increased but rather blame former president John Mahama

According to ABENBEBOM drivers complaining about rising petrol prices is reasonable, blaming it all on the president is irrational

Indeed, it can be argued that the government of Ghana, since president NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO ADDO inauguration has held prices of levels far below what would have been justified according to international increases

Since the day president Nana Addo took office to this past Tuesday. International oil prices as measured by national petroleum in the Ghana have risen to 70,00 US dollars. The currency measured has deprecated by 12% meaning that the collective increase in the price of petrol in Ghana currency should have to 50gh

Hence, all of the so called NDCs on television screaming bloody murder about “petrol bombs going off”_a highly insensitive metaphor in the country wracked by terrorism_can stop with polemics. Petrol prices in Ghana are actually lower than they should be

The public should be grateful that the Price is not Ghc 10.5 per liter of petrol which is rightfully should be

Call him for details

Concerns drivers association president
ABENBEBOM. 0241555160

Story by Awal Adam/


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