“At long last, the battle has ended and Ghana, your beloved country is free forever”, these were the words of the illustrious Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on the 6th of March 1957 after gaining independence for our dear country 61 years ago.
He had a vision for Ghana and Africa at large. Most of these forethoughts are seen in our country and some are being visited to re-live those visions. His visions bore strings to infrastructural development, the energy sector boost, Literacy prevalence and Industrialization among others.
He upon becoming the first president of the land achieved some of these goals of which we still benefit today. An example of the motorway in Tema, regardless of its bad state, still serves its purpose by transporting goods and people from the port to other parts of the country while boosting the trade Industry and easy movement of people.
Our energy sector cannot go without mentioning the Akosombo Dam which for long has generated electricity for all of us till other forms of energy were added. He also started free education in the three northern regions since those parts were mostly deprived, of which most of our current MPs were beneficiaries.
As for industries, there were lots of them. The shoe factories in Kumasi, Tomato factory in Bolgatanga and the sugar factory are but a few to mention. Most of these factories are defunct now whiles others are struggling to operate.
But the question is, if Nkrumah should rise from his Crypt today, will he be happy with where Ghana is now? We have left most of these structures to rot and instead of maintaining them; we spend extra money to build new ones. God forbid I have qualms about these new “erections” but when these structures are sometimes turned redundant that’s when I turn turbid. Most of our hospitals are inadequately equipped but we build new ones leaving existing ones to their fate and a typical example is the Legon medical Centre.
As I said early on, some of his visions are revisited to develop the country and industrialization is one. Government has rolled out some policies to industrialize the country’s growth in economy. Planting for food and jobs seeks to make Ghanaians grow their own food by way of employing farmers mostly the youth to tackle unemployment and to make things even “better”, there is also one village, one dam as well as one district, one factory which seeks to make Ghana an industrial hub in Africa was first envisioned by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
Free S.H.S which was piled out last year ( something that Nkrumah wanted to do but couldn’t do due to the 1966 coup). Today that dream is now reality in Ghana after 60 years of independence. More schools have been built and with the existence of school feeding programs, more pupils and students are enrolled to reduce the high illiteracy rate in the country.
However, all these come with challenges and hindrances such as corruption, insecurity, terrorism among the lot. Some of these challenges are continental which Nkrumah foresaw when he joined hands with others to form the African Union to live his words “The independence of our country is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of Africa”.
As we mark 61 years as a country, let us come together and responsibly play our roles to get to the ‘Canaan’ our fore fathers envisioned for us. Together we stand, divided we fall.
By Pascaline Chenpuo


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