A notorious robber Joseph Owusu ( A.K.A Ankonam ) caught red handed when a revenue collector at Nkranza south lorry Pack ready to issue ticket to an outgoing stanbic vehicle.

In the course of issuing the ticket to the driver not knowing this robber has been attentive with full mindset of robbing the revenues collector namely Charity Baffoe.

Immediately she turn up after issuing the ticket, she caught him red handed with her phone in his hand in attempt to run away with it since he did not get the money he target to rob.

At the spot she shouted for help , then the vehicle in which an I witness teacher Ahadzi Emmanuel bolded stopped and all passengers run around him to prevent him from escaping tied him and match him to the Nkranza South police station.

Police has arrange him for caught tomorrow for appropriate punishment.Note that Joseph Owusu popular known as Ankonam is also an ex-convict .

Source: Ahadzi Emmanuel


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