Institute of Public Relations – Ghana Institute of Journalism chapter (IPR-GIJ) gets a new face: Emmanuel Oppong Anane as it’s President after election was held in the late Afternoon of Monday 19th November, 2018.

He won the elections by a majority “YES” after Philip Sabbah his opponent stepped down due to his intention to engage himself in campus politics in the coming year. After his victory, the incumbent IPR-GIJ President, Alex Nkrumah handed over his documents to the IPR-GIJ President elect, Emmanuel Oppong Anane whose swearing in is said to take place early next semester.

Institute of Public Relations – Ghana Institute of Journalism chapter (IPR-GIJ) is the official student hub for the nationally recognized professional body for public relations practitioners.

The main objectives is to create an avenue for student’s to gain practical public relations related experience and skills outside lecture room. This is achieved through various mentorship programs with seasoned PR Professionals and other activities that equip students with knowledge and skills for thr field.

When asked about his expectations, Mr Anane confidently blurted out, “Nothing but the best”. He further explained that it is time for IPR-GIJ to be transformed and be acknowledged by GIJ students.

In addition, he said that it is time for PR students to have the necessary experience from notable PR practitioners who are members of IPR Ghana and also through internship opportunities provided by the chapter.

Furthermore, he said that during his tenure, he would help interested and willing students to gain internship opportunities in PR practicing institutions. In a moment of appreciation, he proudly expressed how beneficial IPR-GIJ chapter had been to him as he readily admitted that he is where he is now because of his involvement with IPR- GIJ chapter, and encouraged all students even those of Journalism to consider joining the chapter. He said one of his missions is to help UPSA advance its IPR chapter on their campus.

In addition, to all that had been said, the third year top-up students Emmanuel Oppong Anane who is the now the IPR-GIJ President who once served as Administrative secretary for the MTN – Led SRC endowment fund works with his other Executives

Krampa Joel, Vice President,

Bridget Akofa, Honorary Secretary,

Dadjarah Adelaide Elikplim, Deputy Honorary Secretary

Selali Emmanuella, Treasurer

Mr Anane, seeks to raise the image of the IPR-GIJ chapter with the help of the Patron Mr Awuku. He also emphasized that “Image is Everything”


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