So he has been chasing you around, for only God knows how long. She has been calling your number for as many times as possible with numerous text messages just to let you know how sorry she is. Just to let you know how remorseful she has become. And what do you do? You ignore all these calls. You pretend you don’t read the messages. You have hardened your heart.

I agree and understand how you feel. I know how badly he has hurt you. I know you have been going through pains. Your heart is broken. Because he shouldn’t have spoken or behaved that way towards you. You trusted him so much and so you never expected such a betrayal. Your heart is broken. You are deeply hurt.

I know that such a person deserves some punishment. But trust me, you are not punishing him or her the right way. By hardening your heart and deciding not to forgive him/her, she may be hurting alright, he may be in pain alright, but trust me, you are punishing yourself. You are hurting more than this person. The pains you are bearing are more than what this person is bearing. *You are punishing yourself.*

My simple duty this day is to, once again, remind you of the best way to punish those who hurt you. The best way to punish them without punishing yourself. Go out there and meet him or her. From the deepest part of you heart, look at him or her in the eyes and tell him or her, *”I forgive you”* and then allow him to punish himself. Allow her to contemplate on what she did to you. Don’t just say by mouth but forgive from your heart.

As you step out this day, remember that *the best way to punish someone who offends you badly is to forgive and allow him or her to punish his or her self*.

May the almighty God bless and keep you this day. *Remember that praying the rosary draws you much closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.*


Pax tecum


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