Abuakwa North Communication Director in the Eastern region of the largest opposition party National Democratic Congress(NDC)Mr.Emmanuel Amponsah stated that super incompetent Nana Addo His excellency and appointmentees are swimming in corruption due to happens (corruption scandals) in his administration.

Speaking to the news men Nana Kwabena Addo of Radio 1, he’s surprise having been overwhelmed by the high profile corruption scandals that have hit his administration, Super incompetent Nana Addo and his appointmentees are swimining in corruption ,now banking hopes on the support of Ghanaians and God to fight the canker, he promised would never happen when he is elected as a President,he assured Ghanaians when he elected he is going to do his best to make sure that the fight against corruption is won,he stated.

‘The almost daily reported cases of corruption are contrary to President Nana Addo campaign in his government, almost twenty two done the line of super incompetent Nana Addo His excellency administration is struggling to come clean on many allegation of corruption being reported after taking over the leadership of the country. ‘

According to Mr. Amponsah there are so many corruption scandals in Nana Addo administration few to be mention such as, Bribery claim against Boakye Agyarko, BOST saga, Cash for seat, Extortion of money at presidency, Kelni GVG, Maritime boss claiming that he has spent whooping sum of money of 135,000cedis for end of year party for two hundred workers,using eleven air condition felling comfortable than everyone in the world, aside that converting two bedroom into four rooms cause one million cesdis for just renovation are typical examples, he lameted.

He further urge Ghanaians to be careful about NPP when we are approaching 2020 election by using propaganda and juicy promises, he said Ghanaians has tested NDC and NPP but NPP has failed due to his promises in the last general election ,Change is coming us NDC is winning for 2020.

For more insight call Mr. Emmanuel Amponsah on:0244603127 / 0556757321.


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